Friday, September 05, 2008

Colour me 22p

I’ve bought some food colourings. I bought red, blue, yellow, green, pink and black. I decided against natural yellow and natural red on the grounds that they were 80p more expensive. The good news is that Supercook food colouring is only 22p in Morrisons, except for blue and black which were 27p. That’s wicked cheap, if you ask me. When I’m allowed* to buy more yarn (tee hee) I’ll probably get more for dying, but as it is I have only the 400g cone (which is where I’m beginning because it was cheaper) and one beautiful skein from who were at the Natural Dye Studio open day. So, I’m just waiting on the Niddy-Noddy. Sadly there are stock issues, so it’s not going to ship until next week. I’m prepared to wait. Well, I might wind 100g off the cone and turn that into a skein by some other means. Just so I can have a go. I’m very impatient.

I’m not sure what colour I would like to make my first hand-dye skein of yarn. It’s a tricky one. My favourite colour is pink (who would have guessed) and red comes a close second. However, red-and-pink together might not work so well. Perhaps I could put blue in between them, that might work better. I guess it all depends on how long the repeat is, which depends on how long the skein is. I can see myself wrapping this yarn around my craft table, for long repeats. I’m going to use cling-film to protect my nice craft table. I’m also going to put something down on the floor (newspaper, if we have any) to protect against splashes. I should invest in some paintbrushes perhaps. Having seen Fyberspates’s Jen using a paintbrush with great success at the NDS Open Day (anyone else think I got a lot out of that day?)

* It’s only me stopping me from buying more yarn. I have plenty. Not SABLE yet, but certainly getting there! I must learn to knit faster.

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