Friday, September 12, 2008

Somethin' Kinda Ooh

Or possibly not, I just have that stuck in my head. Probably after reading that there’s a new GA single due out soon. (The Promise, out on the 27th October)
I’m not ashamed to admit that I like cheesy pop. I am the sort of girl that hits the dancefloor when the DJ puts Britney, Kylie or such like on. I’m the one who knows the dance to the Macarena (so sue me) and Gimme Some, and wig-wam-bam, umm…
Anyway, GA are one of my cheese-of-choice pop groups. But you could have guessed that, right? I have the albums, they’re a long standing Christmas list item. Since their new album is out in time for Christmas (It’s not named yet, but I’m sure it’ll be out for Christmas!) then I’ll be hoping for that one.
Sadly, there isn’t much other proper girly pop out there at the moment. Come on Kylie, we’re waiting. I was hoping that Britney’s recent upturn (cleaning up her act and such) might be leading to a new album on her part. We will see. I do quite like some of the stuff in the charts now (well, that was in the charts last time we were in the car listening to the chart show – is it even called that – on Radio 1. must have been at the end of August)

My boss has commented that I don’t wear much hand-knitted clothing, considering that I knit. I’ve found that to be an interesting comment. I don’t wear a lot of hand-knits, it’s true. This is because I can only knit so fast, and a lot of my knitting time is spent on socks. Or for some bizarre reason, scarves! I am currently wearing (and enjoying) my urban vest Urban Back Although not with that shirt under it. I’m wearing a nice green striped long-sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans. I feel comfortable, and warm! I do hope to knit some more cardigan/sweater/tops for myself, but I am otherwise occupied at the moment:
  • Ravelympic Socks - yes, still working on these. I have about 60 rows left of the leg, which at 70 stitches per row is quite a bit of knitting. Still, they’re going to look fantastic! I love socks. It’s quite a slow pattern to knit because of all the purls. I tend to try to avoid purling on socks if possible…
  • My First Lace - the branching out scarf. I’m pretty bored of it, and it doesn’t have a deadline. So it’s pretty much just sitting by the bed for when I forget to bring other knitting with me. Shocking, I know. And the yarn is so pretty and soft. Travesty. Perhaps it’ll get sorted if I do another “February is for Finishing” next year?
  • Not more socks? - the plain old vanilla sock pattern because the Ladybird colourway doesn’t need anything else to look pretty. It’s a good tired project, and probably good for watching movies I’m actually interested in with.
  • Cardigan for Mum - as chosen by Mum. The yarn is cotton, which feels weird when you’re used to woolly yarns. It’s nice though, and the lace pattern is pretty so far. I’m unsure about the moss-stitch for the top half and sleeves, and I’m thinking about substituting some stocking stitch instead. I know the gauge for this will be different though, and the drape… I think it might be nice though, and a much more pleasant knit! It will change the look of the cardi though.
  • Clapotis - this is the “everyone knits it” item for knitting. Clapotis was published in Knitty in Fall 2004. It’s by Kate Gilbert, who is possibly one of my favourite designers at the moment. It’s a scarf/shawl and is knit diagonally, so self-striping yarns make the pattern look really cool. I’m not using Worsted/Aran weight yarn though, I’m using sock/4ply yarn from NDS. That means that it’s a slightly different beastie. It looks lovely so far, although I haven’t yet dropped down any stitches. The NDS yarn helps, I think, as it’s sort of striping, but not. I’ll take a photo at some point to show you.
So, perhaps when that lot is finished, I can get on with the many other things I want to make, which currently stands at a list of 97 items. Oh dear. Including 36 pairs of socks. Hmm. I have enough sock yarn for 26 pairs, assuming that I can get one pair from a 100g ball. Still, I’m not buying more until I have knit more. Or I get to the Stitch n Craft show in Harrogate, by when I will have knit more anyway.

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