Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It goes on

I keep saying that I’ll blog when I get home so that I can put pictures on.
And then I have other things to do, or get home at silly times.

Last night I was at Brigantes again for Stitch n Bitch, Knit n Natter, or whatever you like to call it. it was good fun, and I got quite a lot of the Urban Vest done. I’ve finished the collar now, I have the sewing up and arm-cuffs left to do. While I don’t enjoy sewing up, it is a means to an end. And I am far to excited about the possibility of wearing this sweater that I will finish seaming it tonight. (I thought about doing it before work, but then had to accept that it would take longer than the 10 minutes I had spare. So I just prepared it.)

In an effort to use up stash, I’m planning some new socks. I’m going to use the Opal 6ply Ladybird that I got from the UKarma swaps forum. Rainforest I’m considering doing just plain socks, though I would prefer some pattern to keep it interesting. I don’t know if the patterned yarn would be interesting enough (I suspect so, I have the attention span of a three-year-old full of e-numbers – Ooh! Pink! Ooh! Cream! Ooh! Black spotty bits! Ooh! Pink! Ooh! Etc.) and as this is 6ply, it’s nearer to DK than to 4ply weight, so I’ll only need 56 stitches (perhaps). I’d quite like to make something Jaywalker-like, but I’d like less ziggy I think. (it’s not a solid striper, which I think I’d prefer for my next Jaywalkers) maybe something with eyelets on it in a pattern – or would the pattern be obscured by the yarn? I could make something monkey-like (I liked the monkeys), but I’m not sure that would be good with the stripes. Which brings me back to just plain old vanilla.

However, I am still knitting the Sock Putt sock. It doesn’t seem to go very quickly. Every time I pick it up I like the yarn and I like the pattern. But it’s so slow! I think it’s because when there’s a lot of purl stitches, and a lot of knit stitches, then you spend a lot of time moving the yarn around into the right place and not knitting.


Lint said...

Are you telling me that if I go to the Brig on the wrong night, it could be full of knitters!?? Argghh!

Tsuki said...

Yes, it could :-)
And you know I'm not going to tell you which night(s) we meet on!