Sunday, January 24, 2010


I know, I haven't posted much lately. I am sorry. As you know, I got engaged, so some time was spent ring shopping. I've also had a short spell of being unwell, some hectic work time and a general desire to just curl up away from it all.

Anyway, I've posted a couple of times over on the diet blog, as my training is going quite well. And I've been on facebook rather more than I care for.

I've not done a large amount of knitting, and what knitting I have done I don't have much to show for. I've been working on some socks for some time now, but I'm not really enjoying knitting them and they're not really fitting right (gauge swatches may occasionally be of use!) so they're currently hibernating, waiting to see if they learn their lesson. I suspect I may frog them.
I've started some more socks though, this time not for me. I'm doing two at a time magic loop, to see if it's any easier to finish a pair that way!
I've also cast on a small gift for FMIL for her upcoming birthday.
And I've been itching to cast on some more lace (which is funny because I have lace on the needles, just it's a scarf and I'm apparently incapable of completing scarves!) so I'm all ready to go on a Swallowtail shawl. Except I've frogged it twice already. The first time was going well, but I thought I'd lost a stitch and I'd made an error at some point prior to that, so whoosh; off it went. Second time I found I'd lost two stitches, which probably meant I'd missed some yarn overs or something. So it's ready to cast on again now. Tomorrow.

Otherwise, we're going to be house hunting soon. Currently we're trying to get this place up to scratch so we can sell it. We've got to finish the kitchen (I say we, but I mean he) and there's an unimaginable amount of tidying to do. I've filled two charity bags and one bin bag and I'm only about half way through the bedroom! I've also used some JML Vacuum Bags, which are surprisingly good! I got two of the large size and have packed away all of our spare linen and towels (like beach towels etc) and all of our holiday clothes (except for the trousers from the diet blog) into two of them and they take up much less space now I've sucked all the air out!
Wish me luck, there's one-and-a-half chests of drawers, two wardrobes and some random stuff to go through yet, plus then the back bedroom...

And I keep spending time looking at wedding dresses (I've concluded that I don't really like many of the commercial ones at all) or at shawls.

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Pearlesyarn said...

Congratulations on your engagement, how exciting:-)and moving house phew, busy you.
Those vacumn bags are fab aren't they...they totally make my stash look "not as big as it really is" which means I am totally justified in purchasing more!
Best wishes to you both:-)