Sunday, January 10, 2010


I don't know if it's the new year, or the amount of stuff going on at the moment, but I have a terrible desire to start new projects at the moment.
I've knit a new hat for Boyf (pictures soon) using Jared Flood's Turn a Square (Rav Link) using some lovely DK yarn I got in a swap a while ago. I'm pretty pleased with it!
However, this hasn't sated my desire for more new knits. And it's not like I don't have enough on the go already!
However, I did work on the Elephant today, one ear completed - that leaves just one more ear, eyes and blocking to go.
I've also turned the heel on my first welly sock.
But none of it calls to me. You know, that feeling that you want to get home to pick it up, that you could stay up for just ten more minutes...
Well, then there's the cardigan. I'll get back to that soon, I do like the yarn, I love the pattern I've created, it's fab - it's just a bit cumbersome, and I'm not a fan of the needles I'm using to knit the sleeves in the round. (I could switch to some circs, but my gauge might change)

To combat this, I've been doing a spot of appliqué, on a quilt that NotMIL bought me a couple of Christmas ago. It's lovely, and will eventually have chickens on. Currently it has one heart on it.
I've also been doing a spot of beading. After the success of the bauble, I've made myself a necklace. It needs fastenings attaching, but I'm pretty pleased with that too!

The gym-going is going well though, we made it three times this week just gone, and I've done both programs all the way through now. It's an hour worth of stuff though! The diet is pretty easy to stick to as well. It's all a combination, the food, the gym, and ignoring what everyone else says.
I don't care if you think the diet is too complicated. I don't care if you think that just giving up beer is enough. Not for me it's not. I want more than just to lose a couple of pounds. I'm going to be that woman that you see on the beach and think "Bitch" - almost as if to say "how dare she look good when I don't?" Well I intend to look great. I've seen what I can do with weights - I bought some size 12 jeans at Gap the other day. I've not worn a 12 for over a year. Okay, so my weight hasn't gone down, but looking back at my Diet Blog from this time last year I've dropped some fat %! (Wicked!) I'll be keeping some track of stuff over there, unless it goes the way it clearly did last year!

Well, perhaps I have earned the new sports bra I've just paid for...

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