Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

As the new year starts on the first day of my next year I am often tempted to make several rash resolutions, which I know I will not (and can not) keep.

I set some goals for myself last year. Here’s what they were:
  1. Double my squat weight COMPLETE! Yes, I managed to go from squatting 25kg to a magnificent 70kg at my best. Brilliant. More on weights later.
  2. Lose Girth Sadly, not complete. If anything my girth is as big now as it was when I wrote that. Still, all is not lost.
  3. Spin enough yarn to make a pair of socks Also not complete. I haven’t done much spinning, really. I did spin enough yarn to make a pair of mittens though.
  4. knit myself a jumper Technically complete. You see, I completed Corsica but I was unhappy with it, so I frogged it. The yarn is now becoming a new cardigan, slowly!
  5. Find a new job Not complete. Given the state of the economy, I’m pretty happy just to have a job, but that’s not really good enough. This time last year I was under way too much pressure and that hasn’t changed. I need to do something about that at least. Getting a new job though? That’s a step too far at the moment. I earn enough, at the moment, and have other things I want to sort out. Perhaps I am approaching it in the wrong order, but we will see.

So, what’s different this year? How am I changing my approach? Well, I think I need a plan. (and we need a plan, the boyf and me)

I’m heading out to buy myself a diary, not for future events but to keep a note of how I feel, whether I slept well, what I’ve eaten and drunk and what workout I have done. I think that self image is very important, if you feel like a failure then you will fail.
I was given a book for Christmas called “The Female Body Breakthrough” by Rachel Cosgrove. (I asked for it, this wasn’t someone being cheeky!), I’ve read it once already. I need to read it again, and fill in some sections. Anyway, one of the things she suggests is to write down the things I mentioned above. This is partly to make myself accountable (to myself, sounds odd, but I get it) and to help keep track of the things which “trigger” my bad eating behaviours.
The other thing that I (we) want to do is move house.
I’d like to have space for my crafting that isn’t the guest bedroom; I’d like to have room to keep some chickens. I’d like there to be some cover for Boyf when he’s sawing or whatever for DIY stuff. (A garage, large garden and at least 3 bedrooms) But it’s also important that we don’t overstretch ourselves. So we need to get a good price for our current house, we need to save up for all those fees (such as stamp duty, yey).
Planning. We need to make plans for these things, and we need to stick to them. The body stuff, I have a pre-made plan in the book. All I need to do is make it happen. I’ve got to decide which days I’ll go to the gym on, but otherwise it is possible. (I can use my diary for that too! Or perhaps not, maybe I also need a planner of some sort.)
Planning for the house, that’s a different kettle of fish. But we do need to do it. Somewhere I read If you fail to plan, then you should plan to fail.

Happy New Decade! If I see half the amount of change in my life this decade as last, who knows where I will be in 2020!

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