Saturday, January 30, 2010

Still Slow

I have still not found my "tidy house" mojo. I say this surrounded by various bags of stuff I've tidied up, and I think that may be the cause. I have two big old bags of clothes, unopened toiletries and handbags which I guess all need to go to the charity shop. There's also a bag of stuffed toys. Yes, they're finally going. I have gone through my t shirts (includes vests, t shirts, some tops for work in summer) and split them into piles. Some went in to the charity bags. I've packed the 13tog duvet and all the spare pillows (except those for the futon, as we'll need those to dress that as a bed) into a "jumbo" vacpack. Here it is waiting to be hoovered. I've packed all of the yarn from my yarn chest, well that which I'm keeping, into two "large" vacpacks. I have a lot of yarn! Since I'm not buying any yarn now, until after we move, that's all of it - except for the in progress stuff. I still have yarn to knit available! Other than that, I've filled two smaller bags with yarn which is going to knit-night on Monday with me for destash. All of the lace and sock weight full balls have been claimed, but I still have some unclaimed DK and Aran, and a box of leftovers of varying amounts. I've been doing some knitting too. I'm knitting something for Fiancé's mum, for her birthday. I do intend to show you the second turn a square hat that I knit for him too. The first one, which I mentioned before, is fine, but not quite big enough, and not really his colours. So, I cast on another. I may see if my dad is interested in the other. I have also cast on (and frogged, and cast on again) the swallowtail shawl, which is quite a pleasant knit. Here's how far I have got: I love the yarn, it's Violet Green, 2ply merino. She doesn't do this particular one any more. The colour is called "peonies" and the picture on my screen looks just like the yarn! (I love the macro setting on my camera!) Back to the gym tomorrow. We were going to go this morning, but we were out last night. We weren't out that late in the end, so we probably could have managed it. I didn't want to get up that early, and after about 10am the gym and pool are mentally busy on a Saturday! I bet early Sunday is nice and quiet, so all we have to do is get up! I think I'm at the end of my fourth week, which means I should be switching to the next phase of the program from next week. That's fine if I have the time - the new programs always take longer! I am enjoying the current program though, which is important to me. The lack of cardio is really a good thing! And, the laid back approach to diet is nice, though I am being more laid back than I should, which may tell in tomorrow's measure/weigh in. Well, I'd better consult my plan to see what I aught to be doing in the scheme of tidying the house. Staying out of the way of Fiancé while he finishes the kitchen is definitely up there!

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