Sunday, January 03, 2010

Trek, Work, Stuff

Dear boyf bought me the "good" Original Crew Star Trek Movies for Christmas, and we've been watching them. (For those not in the know, that's 2: Wrath of Khan, 4: The Voyage Home, 6: Undiscovered Country)
I'd forgot how much I enjoyed them! Especially Voyage Home, there were some class moments in that movie! Anyway, he also got me the Generations box set on BluRay for my birthday, (how much does he love me?) which we'll be getting through too, AND the new Star Trek movie (the one with Karl Urban in as Bones, and Chris Pine / Zachary Quinto) so I'm pretty Trekked up this year!
So, that's been taking the edge off working this weekend. It's actually not the weekend working that's the trouble, it's when we get to Thursday and it feels like Saturday because I've already worked 5 days... Plus, they've re-jigged the parking and while I used to have a space from November-February, now I don't have one at all. I'm not going to go into car-parking politics, but suffice to say I either get on a bus (and double my journey, not to mention getting to the gym...) or we might have to think about paying for parking, which sucks so much. Bah.

Anyway, enough work woes.
I got some lush yarn at Xmas too, though I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to do with it. I also got some lovely knit picks interchangeables (knitters go: oooh) - just the introductory set, but they are lush! I'm itching to cast something on to them, and to have a stab at magic loop with my new long addi needle. And I want to make Perdita, which is beaded! Heck, I wish I had time to do some knitting!

Anyway, with working the majority of my waking hours this weekend I'm pooped, so I'll be off to bed early. I'm hoping to get myself along to knitting group tomorrow, so I'd better make sure to have some knitting of some description in my bag! Annoying that after a week and a bit holiday, I feel like I need a holiday!

I bought myself one of these fashionable long chunky knit sweaters, which makes me look like a Romulan. (I'll get a photo if I can) The geek in me loves it. And the Trekkie. And the part of me that likes to be warm. So sod everyone else, I like it :)

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Josie said...

You know if you ever have kids, Thinkgeek do trek babygro's...