Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So, last time I posted, I was showing you my new handspun hat. However, I did say
"It does still need blocking, to make it less pointy and more wavy."
Well, I finally got around to it, I dug out a loose-bottom pie tin which was a good size for blocking this hat with, and smooshed it into a tam shape.
Handspun Hat - Blocked
Once it was on the pie tin, (bottom off) I sprayed it with water to make it damp (not wet) and the left it overnight to dry.
Handspun Hat - Blocked
This morning, it's a lovely shape, though the rib has lost some of its stretch, as you'd expect.
Handspun Hat - Blocked
and it looks more star shaped and less pointy when I wear it.
Handspun Hat - Blocked
Of course, today the sun has come out and it's not really warm enough to wear a hat. I guess it will have to wait on the hat rack until the weather is right. Cold enough for a bit of a hat, but not cold enough to want your ears covered!

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My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

your hat is very beautiful xx