Thursday, July 07, 2011

Regaining my mojo

I found the cure for my lack of desire to knit.

I’ve started working on a hat, the pattern is Star Hat by Tetiana Otruta.

I was going to make a Moebius Cowl (Rav Link) by Cat Bordhi, but my 6mm circular needle is only 80cm long, and I really would need a longer needle. (I did try, it wasn’t happening)

Well, then I had my yarn all wound into a ball, and I was determined to knit something with it! It looks lovely in the cake, the transition of the colours really shows well.

Handspun hat in progress

Anyway, I found the Star Hat pattern – it’s written for Noro Kureyon. My yarn is not really the same, it’s a 3ply rather than a single, and it’s merino bamboo rather than 100% wool. But so far it’s looking good. I just hope that my 205yds is enough!

I’ve just finished the twisted rib, and I’m moving on to the main pattern. It’s a pretty simple feather and fan type of pattern which I like the look of on the pattern page. I hope mine looks as nice when it’s done!

Handspun hat in progress

Sadly I have to spend some time away from my knitting just now. I have cards to make. This is irritating because if I had thought of that before I wound the handspun, I might have been less sorry to stop knitting! Haha.

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