Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Something I’m sadly lacking right now is inspiration. I don’t feel inspired to finish my current WIPs. I don’t want to start any new ones until I do.

I’ve been working on the thank you cards for our wedding. They’re getting there, and despite being quite simple I think they’re going to be pretty.

One way that I get myself inspired is to sort out my crafty stuff. I might need to invest in some more storage; given the amount of fleece I’ve been given! My dad’s managed to source me a fleece, though I’m not sure of the breed it looks and feels really nice. My neighbour has given me several pluckings of her Soay sheep (they don’t get shorn like regular sheep) and my other neighbour has said she has a fleece in her garage for me. That’s on top of the two fleeces a friend already gave me (though they could be quite pooey, I don’t know. I need to get on and check it out.) I’m not sure what the best way to store those will be, but I’m pretty sure that in random bags in my garage is not it. I guess the best bet will be to make a start on sorting it all, and then anything not worth spinning can go into the compost!

Other than that, though, I have a pretty big mass of prepared fibre I could be working with. Everything from merino silk to alpaca roving! I have rare breed sheep fleece, washed and carded, or washed alpaca locks (so soft!), or coloured merino silk, hand dyed Jacob…
My creation

And then the yarn, so much yarn! I have laceweight silk, laceweight merino, 4ply in so many varieties, DK angora, Aran weight wool or cotton and chunky wool too.

My creation

(And that’s not even all of it! There are 170 types of yarn and fibre in my stash, 340 balls, skeins, bags or braids)

Oddly, even in writing this I feel more inspired! Perhaps I’d better stop off at B&Q and buy a bucket, and oil my wheel, and sort out all of my needles ready for all these projects I’m about to begin!

I do have 10 pages of queued items on Ravelry too, 282 possible projects...

Oh well, it should keep me busy!

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My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

WOW a beautiful impressive collection without a doubt, highly inspiring seeing all the photographs together like that too :)