Friday, August 20, 2004


Grr! Generally! So, yes. Things not generally making me smile today. The estate agents rang my house phone, while I'm at work, where they know I work and have my number... So, then they email me, at work (!) to tell me that they couldn't get hold of me at home. Oh, and to call them. I didn't have their number, I had to hunt for it. So I call them. The woman there is an idiot! Here's basically what happened: Me - Hello, I'm returning a call from [agents]
Her - Which one?
Me - I don't know, the one who called me...
Her - What about?
Me - [my new address]
Her - Why, what's wrong with it?
Me - Nothing, I wan't to move in on Friday
Her - Have your references been cleared?
Me - Yes
Her - Then you need to make an appointment to collect the keys
Me - Yes, that's what I'm trying to do
Her- Oh. Ok, what day do you want to move
Me - Friday the 27th, that's next Friday.
Her - Ok, and what time would be best for you?
Me - Um, can you do after four?
Her - No, we only do ten 'til four
Me - Oh, ok. How about 12:30?
Her - No, we don't do lunchtimes
Me - Well, when can you do?
Her - Someone's booked in at two
Me - Ok, so not two
Her - How about ten am?
Me - Ok, I'll have to check with work, but that should be ok...
So, now I'm taking the morning off work to do that. Joy oh joy.


Sarum said...

*gives Tsuki some cookies*

There there, it'll be ok. ;)

I've been in a sunny mood the last couple of days too, tho as usual I've done my best not to inflict it on everyone else... this usually just makes me appear a bit dazed and vacant, so appologies to everyone I've talked to and appeared to be stoned. :P

Bertie said...

Estate agents are shite. I have so much trouble getting appointments to view houses to buy or let in glasgow. I've even had them phoning me up to see how my viewing was on the weekend before I was due to view! so not only do they book on the wrong day they then dont know I didnt go! Also have had the same agent call me 2 or 3 timeas asking for comments on the same house, or just cancelling things without telling me!