Friday, February 29, 2008

Okay, okay,

Okay, I get it, too much knitting content. (Is it possible? For the non-knitters, perhaps)

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that OH and I are looking to “change one thing” this year. Mine is regarding the way we eat, organic free range chickens and such. OH is also looking for a more natural and organic life, through goods. By goods I mean everything from toothpaste to mattresses.
Obviously switching to organic toiletries by throwing away everything you have is not very ethical – such a waste! (I talked about this with MIL at the weekend) I think that switching is a good idea, but it has to be done in a sensible way. Also, I’m pretty fussy about my toiletries!
Well, anyway, OH asked for lots of organic toiletries for his birthday, and now has organic soap, shampoo, toothpaste; the works! Even an organic roll-on deodorant (which smells fabulous, actually!)
As part of this move to organic, and also because our current mattress is a horrible nasty uncomfortable beast, we have ordered an organic latex-and-wool mattress topper from We Love Sleep - I’ll let you know what it’s like once we have slept on it. It is due to arrive on Tuesday. I’m quite excited!

No, I can’t resist one little bit of knitting content.
February is for Finishing ends today. I briefly considered March is for More finishing but there are new things I want to start.
I’ve promised OH some not-bunny slippers and have some really lush greeny-black yarn for them. Very exciting! I want to get on with the cross-your-heart square for the block a month crochet-a-long too, since the new block will be available tomorrow!
I’ve been working away on the Earl Grey socks for OH (as you saw a couple of posts ago) and they’re looking good. they’re such big socks though, compared to the stripe socks I made before which only took about half-a-ball of opal, these are looking like they’ll make it on to the second ball of the beige. At least Finishing February has put a stop to my Startitis! Even despite there being some lovely patterns in my calendar!


Dianne said...

Congratulations on making it through "February is for Finishing". I made it too, so far anyway. It's 10:15am, so just over a half day to go. My needles are all lined up waiting to cast on some socks!

kasiaiscarly said...

i don't think i could do march is for more finishing! it's been tearing me up not to cast on for anything new, but at the same time i feel much less stressed about my amount of UFOs now (they were starting to get overwhelming!) i'm going to try to modulate myself better and limit my WIPs!

Anonymous said...

welcome to march ;) let the new projects begin-ha sorry bad influence!!

ecover is great for cleaning prodocts btw and also are fantastic paints. more biodegradable and non toxic than organic. the mattress topper sounds gorgeous.

shutting up.