Monday, July 07, 2008

A New Design, and stuff

Yes, I’ve been designing something new. This one is a gift for my secret pal. If she reads my blog or has figured out who I am then the surprise may be spoiled! So, just in case I will not be posting any pictures about it until after the parcel is received.

So, here’s a little teaser:
It’s lace, it’s small, it’s useful for protecting stash.

I’m quite pleased with it actually, and it gave me a chance to try out some lace which is lace on both sides. You know, where you knit the pattern on the knit rows and on the purl rows. So there was no “purl back” there. Of course, I did also get the dubious pleasure of performing p2togtbl (that’s purl-two-together-through-the-back-loops – or for you non knitters, an evil stitch) which I have decided is in fact the devil’s stitch. I have heard of patterns calling for p3togtbl, and those – well those should be avoided if you’re as easily annoyed as I am.

In other craft news (sorry non craft people!) I have been spinning a little of the pink from the Texere parcel.  merino on spindle I’m thinking of spinning the whole 50g and plying it with itself, then spinning 50g of the black to ply with itself, then spinning 25g of each to ply together, then spinning the other 25g of each in an experimental sequence which when plied should be some bits of pink-pink, some pink-black and some black-black. Who knows if it will work, or what it will look like, or what on earth I’ll use it for! I think that my spinning is getting more consistent with every attempt though; this lot is still slubby in places, but not as bad as my first attempt! The hardest thing is knowing how much twist to put in.
I have also made much progress on Manly. I’m about half-way through the final sleeve. Once that is done I will pick up for the neck band. That’s only six rows, which I hope to knit on a circular needle, if I have one the right size… Finally, I will block the pieces (Woo for the craft desk) and then seam them (eek). I will probably use a tutorial of some sort, and perhaps even practice on something. That said, I need to seam the aforementioned small thingy, so perhaps that can be a bit of a practice go. It’s smaller, so less of a challenge/annoyance to rip back the seaming.

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