Monday, July 21, 2008

What a Weekend! (Knitting)

I got plenty of knitting done. I’ve decreased for the arm holes on the urban vest, so I’m over half way through the back (or 25% of the whole thing, though there is collar and cuffs to do).
I did have a bit of a disaster last night. While listening to Lime ‘n’ Violet I was working on branching out. This, it appears, was a mistake. I had to rip back to the previous lifeline (17 rows) because I dropped a stitch, or missed a yarn over, or something and I couldn’t see what it was or how to fix it. I know it would bother me and I want this to be a scarf I can wear. So back to row 80 I went. On the up-side, I’ve been putting lifelines in, so I didn’t have to start again (that would have been heartbreaking, and would have truly mangled the yarn).
It did make me wonder about lifelines on socks... but no, that’s silly.
Speaking of socks, Monkey socks are great! They’re not quite as easy to learn the pattern for as Jaywalker (Rav Link) were, but my they’re pretty! I think that the yarn I have helps, it’s not very striped, more blended, so the stripes aren’t killing the lace pattern. I might get some more of this for my next Ankh Socks, because I think the pattern would show up much better.
Britknitter asked in the comments about how these Monkey socks compare to Jaywalker (Rav Link). So, here we go.
Pattern SpeedReally fast, only knit stitches so no faffing about. Lots of stitches though due to the tightness of the fabric. 9/10Fast also, some purling slows it down a bit but there aren’t many stitches in a round so it’s quicker that way 8/10
Pattern BeautyI love the zig-zag of the Jaywalker, and you can see it emerge within a few rows. 8/10the lacy arch pattern is pretty, but it’s hard not to ladder on the purl sections as they’re at the ends of the needles. 8/10
Likelihood of knitting them againAlmost certainly, I’d rather do this pattern than vanilla socks any day. 90%Possible, it depends on the fit once they’re done. I’ll update you once I have one knit 50%
Comfort and FitA bit tight round the heel when pulling on, but then fine. Nice and snug. Does leave silly lines on your feet if you wear tight shoes! 8/10pending!
I’m not sure if there are any other factors which wouldn’t also be down to my choice of yarn type and colour. The Opal that I used for the Jaywalker (Rav Link) isn’t the most distinct stripe, so perhaps a more solid stripe would be better. As with my other Opal, they were a bit rough for the first wear, we’ll see what they’re like when washed. The NDS alpaca/merino is soft and fluffy; the socks will feel very different and will likely not wear as well. They’re hand wash only too where the opal can be slung in the washer and then dried flat. So, until I’ve finished the Monkeys (when I will update this table with the new standings) I am not sure, but I am enjoying the pattern and the yarn.

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Dianne said...

Love your rating system for the sock patterns. I've got to cast on some Monkeys!