Tuesday, January 02, 2007

25 Years Old!

I would have back dated this post to near-enough the time I was actually 25 (I doubt that the time is exact, you know) but it will not let me. :(
If you care, it was 08:25 31/12/2006

Anyway, as discussed a bit in the pub:
25 things of note that happened in my 25th year (roughly chronological)
  1. Discovered MSE
  2. Painted an oil painting for Leon for his birthday
  3. Saw The Feeling before they were famous
  4. Opened an ISA - my first savings in a long time!
  5. War of the Worlds LIVE
  6. Discovered that I like butternut squash and aubergine (the food and the colour!)
  7. Got on a bike again after 10 years of being an avid pedestrian
  8. Bought a car!
  9. Bought new sofas
  10. Made cushions for the sofas
  11. Saw Dylan Moran live
  12. Ran in the Race For Life
  13. and raised money for Cancer Research
  14. Lost a stone in weight
  15. Got Aston and Martin, our hamsters
  16. Watched Elvington air show from a field in the rain!
  17. Discovered MySpace and got back in touch with my cousins
  18. Got a promotion at work
  19. York Maize Maze - Star Trek theme!
  20. Got back in a car after 6 years to take driving lessons
  21. Came third in the PTH!
  22. Made another ball dress to match my fab shoes
  23. Spent a day at the seaside in winter (near enough) and ate fish and chips
  24. did Christmas dinner for SIX people!
  25. Redecorated the bathroom

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