Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Driving Lesson No. 8
I had another driving lesson on Sunday - my first one during daylight. The sun was in my eyes some of the time which I didn't enjoy. However the lesson went better than the previous one, and I got on better with the new instructor.
We did parallel park and bay park with new techniques to those I have been taught. Still, they did seem easier to remember.

New Phone
Yes, I finally got a new phone. I was worried, after all the faffing about previously, that it would be an issue again. However, I happily walked away from the Orange Shop with my shiny new Sony Ericsson Z610i and a whole new contract package which is actually cheaper than the one I was on, but with more minutes and texts. Woo!

Snow. I'm not impressed - I dislike most sorts of weather. Leon claimed that the only sort of weather I like is when there isn't any. I argue that it's not possible not to have any weather. Either way, I prefer it when it is not windy and it is very hot and sunny. Not snow. Ice too, is pretty horrible. It could be worse though, as the snow has stopped and the sun has come out.

While at university, I was introduced by a fellow geek to The Daily Static at User Friendly which is a comic along the lines of Dilbert but based in a slightly different environment - more geeky, and with Linux references. I read the back issues from about mid-2005 though I think the last time I read was probably 2003 at the latest! I was quite pleased to be able to remember the url.

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