Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gym'll fix it

So, we’ve joined a gym. Excellent, well done, and all that. We’re now fully fledged members of the gym near to the out-of-town office where Leon works. It’s a pretty good gym, the facilities are excellent. I was impressed, though I still have to inspect the shower area more carefully.
Last night we went for our induction session. This involved being shown how to use three of the cardiovascular training machines, and three of the weight machines (not the best name, but I can’t think of the right word!) having been shown how to use them, I proceeded to spend just over half an hour having a ten-minute go on each of them. They were the bike, treadmill and cross-trainer. I probably looked a bit of a berk, but I actually quite enjoyed myself. Since the pool was being used for swimming lessons we went to the health suite for a steam and Jacuzzi. I was disappointed with the changing room there; it was filthy (used sticking plasters, orange peel and the stickers which say not to remove them until you’re happy with your purchased underwear/swimsuit, plus lots of mucky water). However, the steam room was good, and the Jacuzzi was comfortable, if a little crowded. If I get chance to use the facilities during the day I will do!
Overall though, it was a good evening. We’re off again on Friday to have a personal plan drawn up with our goals on, and what we’re going to do to achieve them.
My goals are:
  • lose a stone in weight before the end of June (for Florida)
  • firm up the flabby bits on my arms, belly and bottom (like almost all women!)
  • feel better in myself

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