Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Quite Excited!

I've just sent off a cheque to book myself onto a coach-trip to London. I guess most people will go on this for sight-seeing etc. However, the hotel that is in the package happens to be in Harrow, where Leon and I used to go to university! So, we've emailed our old uni friends in the hope that they’ll meet us somewhere for drinks and a catch up! I've already had responses from the people from my course, which is nice! Hopefully so has Leon. I was a bit worried with the various emails as they were about three years old in most cases!
So anyway, I have marked the event on my calendar(s) and will try to put aside some money for it too!
It's going to be really great to see everyone again! I would post some pics but they're all hard copies (the horror!) and my scanner broke ages ago. I should look in the sale and see if I can afford a new one.

And on the way back, we get to stop in Oxford for lunch. Nice.

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