Thursday, January 04, 2007

More Driving

I did some more bay-parking today. It took a bit of getting used to, but I managed 5 sucessful bay-parks out of 5. (I had to do some pretty major corrections though!)
I did find out today, though, that my instructor (who has been very good, and patient!) is going off travelling round America. Starting in 6 days. For three months. I wish her lots of luck and fun - I'd love to do that! Trouble is having the whole job thing is a drag. And not much money - except for my savings which are taking Leon and I to Florida for my Dad's 50th.

So, I'll be waiting to hear from another instructor, and in the meantime getting put onto the insurance for the Escort - volunteers to be taken to Tesco or for random weekend driving welcome. Though I suspect that the volunteers will be fewer than for Leon, people assume that I'll be equally scary behind the wheel (and I might be - who am I to know?) and also Leon's a nicer person to be stuck in a small metal box for hours driving around York. :) I know my limits and I'm not a glass-half-full kind of person. If I expect the worst then I'm rarely dissapointed but often pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, it's late. Leon's playing GTA San Andreas (my game...but he's enjoying himself so much) and I'm off to bed so that I can try not to be any more grumpy about work.

Chip will be glad to hear that his "replacement" has sent me some rubbish to look at that I'm not sure is any more wrong than usual, just they've noticed it now. Fab. :) Though it was suggested I could stay at work until the evening in order to call Chip in his new office...

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