Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Eggs and Holidays

Today I hope to go into town and buy Easter Eggs for my Team. This is my first Easter as their “Team Lead” (I get into bother if I refer to myself as a manager) and so I’ll be doing an Easter Egg shop in honour of this.

I’m also going to get my new sunglasses straightened out as they currently sit a little lower on the left (my left)

On the weight-loss front (which I haven’t mentioned for a while) the whole weight thing is seeming like it might be an inappropriate measure. I have lost a meagre 2lbs since I joined the gym in January. I do feel pretty good though. My legs haven’t looked as good as they do now for years – I’m even considering sorting them out (1) so that I can bare them to the world when the weather improves! I’ve lost an inch off each of my hips and thighs, which means that I can fit in to (without squeezing) the two pairs of hipsters I’ve been hanging on to. I’m not happy with the lack of tone in my stomach but I do have some exercises to work the oblique muscles as well as the two sets of muscles in the front (I forget their names).
I took a risk last night, and tried on some of my holiday clothes. This consists of two pairs of quite tight stretchy cotton shorts, a short and tight cotton skirt, a short and loose cotton skirt and a pair of camouflage patterned shorts which are not stretchy. I bought these items a while ago for our holiday in the Canaries. As a result I haven’t worn them. I was concerned that the stretchy things would look too stretched and that I wouldn’t be able to get into the not-stretchy ones. However, they all looked okay, and I not only got into the not-stretchy ones, but they were actually a bit loose! I was cheered up immensely by this. I think that my longer summer skirts are looking past their best and may need to be replaced this summer. It saddens me to have to do this, but they’re looking a bit shapeless and old. I may try to get a few more that match my sandals, although some of them are on their last legs too. I may have to do a full blitz and begin almost from scratch. Still, that’s the fun of big holidays.
I suspect that I’ll be able to buy some things in Florida when I get there, but I don’t want to count too much on that. I do want to get a pair of All Stars, but not the boots, the shoes. I think that they will be nice for walking about in theme parks because they are breathable. Depends on the sock situation I guess. I tend to wear my boots with socks, but I don’t think I should with the shoes. I’ve seen some fab sandals in New Look that I'm trying hard not to buy. There are also some nice linen mix skirts and trousers which I will be buying some of. I reckon I’ll be travelling in a dress-over-jeans type combo, so that I can just take off my jeans when we hit the Florida heat. I will be getting some flight socks (I bet they don’t come in fancy patterns). I should have a to-do list somewhere! The other trouble is, if I lose any more inches I might need to replace more clothes! That said, my stretchy stuff should be okay. I might even be able to wear some fashionable shorts this summer. And sun dresses, I love sun dresses!
I’m trying not to get too excited about it yet because it’s not happening until August which is still four months away. Of course, that’s only four months! Before then I have the Race for Life to run! I would consider trying to get away somewhere before we go off to Florida, but I’m not sure that Leon and I have the money for that.

Anyway, I’m off on an Easter Egg Hunt now.

1 – sorting out legs for baring to the world involves exfoliating , epilating, moisturising and possibly a touch of self-tan (depending on how late in the year it gets warm enough for me to consider wearing a skirt)

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Tsuki said...

Failed on the Egg Hunt.
Will have to go to Tesco tonight.