Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Yes, I have decided to get waxed. I have to find a salon that does waxing, and find out how expensive it is. My main reason for wanting to be waxed now is threefold:
  1. It’s still cold enough to wear trousers if I go all blotchy
  2. I am pretty hairy right now
  3. It’s about 4 months til my holiday, waxing is meant to last for 6 weeks, if it works well I’ll want to go again the week before my holiday
That is going to work out as an expensive week really, because I’ll want a haircut and colour, wax and possibly tan. (I may tan myself, but we’ll see. I have a San Tropez kit at home, which has been pretty successful, as long as I remember to use moisturiser with the self tan stuff on my face!)
Then there is only one remaining question: exactly what do I want them to wax?
I suspect that it might be too much detail to go into here, but probably legs and maybe eyebrows should do. If any female readers of this want to
  • comment
  • join me
  • laugh
then please let me know. My main concern is that it will not last as long as they claim, and also whether they can do it on shorter hairs. We will see. I have to go ask at a couple of salons for price lists I guess. Cripes!

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