Friday, April 27, 2007

too tired to knit 6 rows

Last night I was very tired when I got home. I went to bed for an hour before Leon got in! I was a bit grumpy having to get up to let him in, but that was my fault for having left the keys in the door and the door locked.

I managed to get down to 6 rows left to do on my shrug. It actually looks a bit like an item of clothing now and much less like a randomly shaped bit of knitting! I’m going to take one of the practice squares I did with me to town on Saturday morning in order to match up some buttons for it. In the magazine it suggests that I could use a large pin, which might work, I may get a couple of kilt pins anyway because I’ll need one for the bag from an earlier issue that I hope to make too.
There are only a couple of things that I want to make in the new issue, which is a shame. However, there are still things from the earlier issues that I would like to make. I’m also looking forwards to the next issue, which has at least two things I want to make in it! There’s also the Sudoku throw which came in the supplement for the first issue I bought. I’m enjoying knitting still, though it’s not a fast process! I enjoy being able to zone-out, and just get on with the knitting.

I’m conscious that the idea of “change one thing” has been somewhat lost on me. Here are the things I'm changing (or trying to) right now:
  1. Learn a new skill (knitting)
  2. Lose weight
  3. Learn to drive
  4. Go to the gym regularly
  5. Keep within my spending limits
  6. Save up for the Florida Holiday
While they’re linked, to some degree (except the knitting they’re all about getting ready for my holiday) it’s challenging!
Today I am feeling reasonably positive, although I suspect that I should not have had bacon, brie and cranberry sauce sandwich and some spinach and pea soup. On the plus side, that’s lots of veg (spinach and pea, I don’t think they add much else, it’s lovely) and the bread was brown. Though we’re off out for a birthday dinner tonight, which means eating (and spending) But it is payday!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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