Friday, April 20, 2007

It's Friday

I received my knitting related teapot yesterday, or rather; I collected it from the sorting office. It is not especially large, which is good because it fits nicely on the dresser in our living/dining room. It’s shaped like a ball of blue yarn with some chunky knitting needles stuck through it. I’m really pleased with it.

We’re off to visit my parents this weekend. We hadn’t planned to, but mum phoned and suggested it last night. There’s been a lot of regeneration happening in Gainsborough recently, including the renovation of the Britannia Works. They’ve called the resulting leisure complex the Marshall’s Yard. I hope that it is going to be good for the town. Apparently there’s a variety of shops in there, many of which were open for Easter. We’ll have a bit of a wander around anyway, which should be interesting.

I’m driving on Sunday morning, hopefully we’ll do the parallel park again; I’m worried about that one. I’m not bad at left reverse (aka reverse round a corner) and turn in the road, although I must observe more. Of course there’s a bit more to the driving test than just the manoeuvres, so I have to practice those bits too. I practiced not going to B&Q last lesson (anyone who’s taken their test here should understand) and also I practiced not killing cats. I would really like to pass on my first (well, fourth) attempt. Not because I think that will make me a better driver, in fact I suspect the opposite can often be true. No, because it’s so difficult when people ask. That’s one of the reasons I have not put the exact date on here, and one of the reasons that only Leon knows the date of the test. It’s just more pressure that I don’t want. And there are some people (they know who they are) who will gloat and laugh if I don’t pass this time.
They certainly gloated and laughed before.

Anyway, the knitting is going well. I’ve gotten to the point on the shrug that I'm decreasing for the front. I’ve also found a typo in the pattern! Anyway, I was expecting to finish the shrug this weekend, but it may be later than that now that we’re off to Gainsborough; unless I take it with me. It is a bit complicated, but not that bad. As long as I remember to put all the bits I need in my knitting bag. I also need to buy some buttons for it, I was thinking of maybe using toggles (like on duffel coats) although something a bit more girly might be good as it’s a pink and fluffy shrug. I don’t know, really. I am looking forward to it being finished though, since the weather is a bit hit and miss here in the North of England at the moment.
You might also have noticed the iKnit icon on the right there, that’s a link to the knitting podcast I listen to. It’s quite interesting, although you need to be into knitting! I don’t actually knit to this podcast though; I generally listen to it in the bath!

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