Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gainsborough killed my flippin' car*

I am so close to finishing my shrug now! I’m on the arm which is knitted in the round. Basically, as it’s asymmetrical, each sleeve is knitted differently. I’m hoping that the sleeves will be wide enough for my arms though! Haha. I went for the 10-12 size, which is probably a bit smaller than I am. We’ll see though, I'm sure it’ll be okay. It’s quite nice that it’s all knitted in one piece because that means minimal sewing to make it up.

At the weekend we went to Gainsborough. But first, when I arrived home I had a card from the sorting office – a parcel was waiting for me. This was the much anticipated Angel Yarns package. In it were three each of nine colours (the maroon being replaced by black as Sirdar have stopped making it) for my sudoku blanket. I have to knit up nine 10x10cm squares in each of the nine colours. It’ll take a while, but I hope that by winter I will have a nice cosy blanket to snuggle under made from 100% wool Sirdar chunky yarn.

Anyway, we had some dinner and then set off to Gainsborough. We got there at about 9pm, in time for a cuppa and a cake. The following morning we went into town to see what they have been doing since I was last around. We looked at the roundabout at the bottom of the dual carriageway. (yes, that makes one full size roundabout in the town at the bottom of the one dual carriageway – do we fee sorry for the learner drivers yet? No, because I have horrible roundabouts in York) Then we headed into town to see the new Marshall’s Yard complex. It’s still not finished, but it is quite nice. It’s basically a car park with shops around it. There’s quite a variety of shops, ranging from JJB to New Look to Greggs. We had a good wander around, and I managed to convince mum to buy a nice new top from Next. It’s one that can be worn as a dress or a top for the flight out to Florida. Unlike most of the smock tops we saw, this one has a little shape and looked really nice on. I have yet to find my dress/top (it was my idea) to wear over my jeans for the flight. I’m after something similar, although I don’t know what I may end up with. I’ll be checking out the shops regularly.

Anyway, when we got back as we walked past our Escort I could smell petrol. This has happened more than once, so I pointed that out to Leon and Dad. They put the car up on the ramps. It needs a new fuel tank. In fact, there are a few things that would need replacing in order to get it past the MOT in July, so we’re probably going to have to trade it in at a garage. One of these “Guaranteed minimum trade in of £1000” would be nice! We’ll have to talk to the bank too, we might need a loan if we’re going to buy another car.

For some reason I keep having dreams involving hamsters and guinea pigs. Odd, very odd indeed.

The whole weight loss thing is going okay (ish). I’ve got a spreadsheet with a graph. I have what my aim is plotted on the graph as well as how I’m doing against that.
I have a goal weight (always helpful, something to aim for) which is 9st 6lbs. that means that from my start weight of 10st 10lbs (although I was 10st 12 in Jan, I’m not counting that as it unbalances the graph) I need to lose 18lbs in 15 weeks. That’s only 1.2lbs per week, which should be possible without doing anything extreme. So, I planned this out last Friday. I’ll try to keep the info in the bar on the right up to date with how I’m doing.

* not really

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