Monday, September 10, 2007

Busy Weekend

This weekend we went to Edinburgh to see some friends. We hadn’t seen their flat before, so that was quite exciting. It’s a really nice place, probably more spacious than my house!
We managed to get some cheap train tickets, which was good news in several respects. The main one being that it was cheap, but the high-on-my-list one being that I can knit on trains! So, I packed my sock that I'm knitting.
On the way there I managed to get to the start of the heel flap (about ten rows of my lace pattern – I’m a slow knitter) and then I read my book for an hour to relax my hands (I get a bit of cramp in the various fingers I have broken [in the past] when I knit socks) on the way back I knitted the whole time and finished the heel flap, so now I need to pick up the flap to knit the foot bit. This is the bit I am most nervous about because I have designed the pattern myself and I'm a bit unsure as to whether the pattern will match up.
 Sock Progress I finally shipped my SPs package this weekend, as well as posting this…  Sister's Phone Sock …for my sister. She asked me to make her a cosy for her new phone. I made this one on Friday night. My seams are a bit flaky, so I might make another one now that I have time and her shiny phone is safe from being scratched.

I’m thinking about designing my own image to go on the “Punk Rock Back Pack” in Stitch n Bitch, but I do want to knit some actual clothing first I think. I may have to put one of my current WIPs on hold in order to start some bigger knits. Trouble is that I’m meant to be knitting from stash so I have to use up a ball of yarn before I can buy another. (That was the deal with Leon)
My Autumn Scarf will use up all of one and almost all of another ball of yarn, which is two down – so I could then buy the really nice lacy stuff for the “Coastal Shades” scarf/shawl. If I get different colours I will rename it to something else, natch.
The cushion covers I am meant to be making for the sofa in the spare room should use up almost all of the two balls of yarn I bought to do that with. If I knit more of the Sudoku throw I could use up several balls of yarn there. Oh I don’t know! I do want to knit some hats for innocent smoothies but they will not use up much yarn at all.
I am also planning to knit some baby things over the next few months; one of my relations (my nanna’s neice’s granddaughter) has found out that she’s pregnant and also one of my team at work is going to be a dad shortly. I must send the little hat and bootees that I knit to the preemie unit at our hospital. and knit more. They’re a quick knit, preemie hats and boots. Even for my slow knitting! Truth be told, I knit faster now than in January when I began, so perhaps there is hope for me yet.

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