Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm Hooked!

Last night I decided to begin my first proper crochet project. I didn’t want to begin on the nice silk that my pal sent until I have had one practice go and I wanted to do some stash busting! So, I dug around in my stash for some “doesn’t matter” yarn – some bright orange acrylic it turned out – and the “One Skein Scarf” pattern from the “Happy Hooker” book.
Well, I did not expect to get as far as I have already! Crochet is fast! I’m not turning away from my knitting – the two crafts give such different results – but I’m loving crochet! So anyway, I’ve had to change the pattern somewhat. It’s my own fault! The pattern calls for aran yarn, but I am using DK and a smaller hook. I’m using the smaller hook because I didn’t want it to be all holey. So, anyway, I did the chain 203 bit and then thought that’s not very long for a scarf so I chained another 50. Once I was happy with the length I began the next bit. I had done three rows of the pattern (and longer than the pattern, though not in aran remember) and looked at my handiwork (this was just before bed last night). Yes, I am going to need to make it wider I thought. So I have begun on two more rows up and down my chain of 253. I don’t mind really though because it’s good practice and doesn’t take long either. And the ball of orange stuff is massive.
Once I’ve got the width I’ll be doing a shell pattern around the edge, and then it will be done. I might make a couple of these as gifts for Christmas because they are quick and easy and look nice. I have other things to knit first though.
Like hats for innocent.

Aston was quite excitable this morning, I don’t know why! He was running in his wheel and going on his see-saw for ages. Little sweetie! It’s nice to see him being active and friendly, he’s often sleeping and grumpy when he’s not sleeping. I hope he will still be in a good mood tonight as I need to clean him out. That usually makes him grumpy.

Last exciting bit of news, I now have my tickets to the Pork Pie Festival at one of the pubs in town. Woo!

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Anonymous said...

The one skein scarf has been on my to do list for um, a year now. Can't wait to see how yours turns out. If my hubby made me use a ball of yarn before buying another, I'd probably never get to buy another skein ever :( (that's including all the yarn I've been given, I haven't bought quite that much!) SP