Friday, September 28, 2007

Some fears realised...

The big load of yarn was delivered at 11:55 – about 45 minutes before I got home. The card says wait 24 hours. Bother.
Clearly, I’m not going to wait, I’m going to go down there early (like when we set off just after 2pm) and see if the yarn is there. It might not be, but it’s worth a try.
In no way is this the fault of the shop it’s all the Royal Mail. Perhaps I should have had it delivered to work…

On the other hand, yay to Get Knitted who posted my small parcel and it arrived today! AND it was small enough to fit through my letterbox.
They even sent me a pen and a lolly, as well as a leaflet for the stitch n craft show I’m going to!
 Get Knitted Package
Also, the yarn.
 Louisa Harding Angora (colourway 9) Wow. It’s so soft and smooth and pretty and I want to keep it and not give it away.
But I do at least get to work with this beautiful yarn.

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