Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Later than intended post

I will be posting again this evening to show off my new needles…
I can buy needles without getting rid of other needles, as long as I don’t already have that size! Woo!

Yesterday lunchtime I was in Borders looking at the magazines. I was looking to see if Simply Knitting was out yet (it’s been delayed so that is why it isn’t) and I stumbled across, what’s this?, an American Import! Well, the magazine is called Knitter’s (the apostrophe annoyed me, until I spotted the sub-heading, it’s Knitter’s Universe. While I could still argue about that, it’s better enough for me) by/for XRX, whom it seems I should have heard of. Although all the adverts are clearly American, I am in love with the patterns. It’s up to date and trendy in a way that Simply Knitting isn’t. I do like the patterns in SK, and the various freebies are fantastic. This was just different in a really surprising way. There was lots of text in the first half, new people in the knitting world in the USA, history of fashion in the USA – exactly the sort of thing I’m interested in. Then the patterns; lush doesn’t cover it. the low-V tank top I’ve been lusting over – they have one which I could knit! A lacy shawl, simple but elegant? You betcha. Anyone want a knit-and-crochet table runner?
Anyway, the theme of this one is lace and lightweight yarn, there’s one pattern which calls for something of weight 0! (1 being 2ply, makes 0 cobweb?) and most don’t go higher than DK (3 if I recall correctly)
I’m so excited!
I have to knit a bunch of things to be able to begin these though.
Also, as I was about to pay…Knitting, with a free pattern book; another magazine. I think that one was called “Knitting”. It has some nice patterns in, though I’m not sure whether I’ll buy it again. I liked the cardigan in the supplement. (well, I liked the one view of the cardi that they gave, come on people – how can I tell if I like something from a wonky side view, puh-lease.) I like the look of a couple of the items in the main bit too, but it was a bit like Simply Knitting. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it’s just not trendy enough, after all, I may be a beginner but I’m not into knitting things I would not wear. (Or in some cases, not be seen dead in)

 first handmade card I am also branching out. I liked crochet (as you saw with the scarf and bag) and so I’ve picked up some mini make-your-own-card kits. I used them to create this card; I crocheted the circle in the middle. [I do need to improve my photography skills, as you can see this is all blurry] I really enjoyed it, and I am now scheming to make one for some upcoming birthdays. Anyway, I'm thinking of using some vouchers I got a while ago to buy another set, with a few more things in it. I’m not sure though. I’ll think about it.
But there’s no question: knitting is still my favourite!

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