Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Thank You Secret Pal!

Today I arrived home in a fairly dour mood – I have had a hard day at work today. However, imagine my surprise to see – what’s this? A parcel?
 Parcel 1 Can it be for me? Well yes, it’s addressed to me. The realisation struck! It’s from my Secret Pal! Two things darted into my mind. One of these was: “Drat! I was meant to find a box for my SP parcel I should be sending soon” (though I have picked a date). The other was, of course, “Oooooooooh – secret pal prezzie. Quick! Open it open it open it!”
So, indeed I did open it, very carefully of course.
And there were nice things inside!
As you can see there were some munchies – which I love – in there. There’s already only a half pack left, and I can say with some certainty that there will be none before I finish this post! Yum!  Parcel 1 Contents There were these cards, one of which is from my pal (the one with the lace bag on) with a lovely message inside telling me why s/he has bought the things that s/he has. The second is a charity knitting thingy, for knitting hats for innocent smoothies. I’ll certainly consider that, it’s for a very good cause (Age Concern). Also, I have sort of been bribed with the money off a smoothie coupon – I feel I should knit at least 4 hats to match the value of the smoothie!
 Cards There was a book, Rowan Yarns Classic Garden book 2. Oooh! It’s got some lovely tops in it. Yes pal – I’m looking forwards to knitting some tops (though I have only knit one shrug so far). The book is beautiful (I like books) and has some fab patterns in it. I will be adding some to my Ravelry queue very very soon!
 Rowan Book There was also a wrapped-in-tissue gift…
 Sari Silk Which was a large hank of recycled sari silk. So soon after my post about having discovered sari silk and thinking about trying it! My pal is a star! S/he has even sent a pattern with which I can use the sari silk. It’s a crochet bag pattern, so I’m a bit nervous about it – new fibre and new skill (my crochet has not yet ventured beyond squares) but it is good to have a pattern as well as the yarn! If I crack on, I might even finish the bag before the end of the swap!

So, thank you so much Secret Pal, this is a fantastic parcel and I’m really looking forwards to using all of it! Especially the sari silk – it’s so exciting!
Thank You!
PS. I have no munchies left!

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Anonymous said...

I'm soooo pleased you like your parcel. I have made the crochet bag and I can't do squares!!!!
SP xx