Wednesday, September 26, 2007

S.E.X. (Stash Enhancement eXpedition)

I’m ordering a massive package of yarn online. Not really an expedition, but still.
I’m making some Christmas gifts, that is all I can say. I’m not telling who they are for, or what it is that I’m making. I have a short time limit to make anything though! It’s less than three months ’til Christmas!

I’m also thinking about treating myself to some of the Lane Borgosesia Cashwool that I’ve seen at Pavi Yarns. This would be to make “Coastal Shades” from a recent SK. It’s a lace scarf thing. Pretty, in two colours. They used pale blue and cream, but there’s scope for others there. (Nutmeg and Ecru might work…) but anyway, I’ll probably hang on until either Pavi have a sale on these or next payday.
Oh, wait – next payday I’ll be saving up for the Stitch and Craft show in November. Poo.
So, I’ll be waiting until that sale happens.
Never mind though, I have lots of other knitting to be doing, and my progress on almost all of my projects is pathetically slow at the moment. In fact, for one item it’s negative. Yes, I’ve frogged the Spiderweb Capelet. I got to the last row, looked at it and thought oh no, that looks nasty. I think I might have used an inappropriate yarn, a solid colour would have been much better. Still, I have balled the yarn back up to use for something else nice.

This weekend we’re off down to Cambridgeshire to visit Leon’s folks. We have not seen them since before our holiday. It’s usually a pretty relaxing weekend for me, I get to knit and we have lots of cups of tea. We sometimes go on daytrips to see things, we went to a farm last time which I liked because I like the sheep and goats, and the chickens actually. And Pigs. In fact, everything except for cows. [on a side note, I’ve been trying to figure out if you could knit from the hair of a highland cow – anyone know?]
We’re going to a quiz of some sort in the evening, they field a family team.

Well, I’m off to do some knitting. I have still got a scarf, socks, bag and blanket on the go. (is there such a thing as knitting ADD?)

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