Friday, September 14, 2007

Puddy Tat

Pics coming soon, but I’ve completed the one-skein scarf. It’s pretty and I wish now that I had used some nicer yarn. Oh well, I’m pretty confident about my ability to crochet (I do have issues with the crocheting into the chain though) and so I’ll be able to begin the sari silk bag soon! Woo!

I’ve been mildly annoyed for some time about how all knitting things have cats on them. I see lovely needle rolls, but then – no, it’s a cat on there. Or boxes for keeping your knitting bits in, covered in moggies. Now, I don’t hate cats, but I can take ’em or leave ’em. I can understand why knitting stuff doesn’t have dogs on, there’s no obvious link, where kittens playing with balls of yarn is kinda cute. That’s no reason for all knitting stuff to be covered in cats though! Ok, that’s that done with.

Well, my house is a dump again. It’s just so easy to plonk things any-old-where, and then end up with a big mess. Leon pointed out that about the only thing that is tidy in our house is my yarn chest. Too right, I want to be able to find stuff! My bookshelves are also pretty tidy and are in alphabetical order by author then again by title. The exception is if there’s a series of books [like discworld] by one author, in which case they are in chronological order of the stories. It’s a good system. My yarn chest is similar, but different. The bottom drawer is devoted entirely to the sudoku blanket stuff (three 100g balls of each of nine colours takes up a bit of space). The middle drawer has chunky yarn on the left, funky or fashion yarn in the middle and baby and 4ply on the right. There is one ball of 4ply not in there, my opal sock yarn (yes, only one ball sadly) which is in the dpn box in the top drawer. The top drawer houses my DK yarn, mostly from my early purchases. There’s a lot of man-made fiber in there, which is good for practicing with. On the right of this is where I store my needles etc. perhaps I need systems like for my books and yarn elsewhere in the house? It would be a start if I put away the washing we’ve just recently done. Then I can move my knitting books and magazines back to their home on top of the yarn chest. If I buy a folder I can put my knitting patterns in the folder and then they will not fly everywhere. Whoops. I’ve gone back to knitting stuff. Oh dear.

It has taken over my life, you know.

Well, I’m sure I have other things I should be doing. Probably.

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Dianne said...

It makes perfect sense to me. Knitting first, everything else is a distant second. Hey - at least your priorities are in order!