Monday, September 17, 2007

Origin of Tsuki

Where did "Tsuki" come from?
Well, it originated when I was playing D&D (geek alert!) with friends before I went to university.
I had created a character who was a vampire, and wanted a cool name for her, so I looked up the Japanese for Vampire: kyuuketsuki.
However, that's a bit long and difficult to say, so I shortened it to Tsuki, which is also part of gorotsuki or rogue, and akatsuki or dawn. Perfect for my rogue character who was a vampire, no?
Well, the name stuck, and I've used it many times since in games and such like.
When it came to writing a blog, I simply had to use it - who else would call anything Tsuki?

Then came the knitting obsession
Then the yarn.
Is it, as BritKnitter suggests, fate?

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