Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Been a couple of days...

Because I’ve been working at work for a change, and also going to pilates and the pub (not at the same time)

Anyway, I had a night off knitting on Monday. My back isn’t as bad as it was (I still haven’t booked the chiropractor) but I couldn’t face it. You know, some nights just aren’t knit nights. Well, that meant that on Tuesday after the pub I was rejuvenated (not just by the fentimans dandelion and burdock). So, I did some more knitting. I’ve made it past half way on the gift I’m presently knitting, and have decided on the colour order for the crochet gift(s) I am making. I might alternate between knitting and crochet for a while because repetitive patterns need breaking up a little, although they’re soothing and can be knit during CSI

I still haven’t managed to find [item concealed] for my secret pal, which is a bit irritating. I’ve looked near enough everywhere in the real world, so I might have to check online. I have bought some nice things for her though, (I covet them) and the thing I can’t find is the last thing on my list. Unless I think of something else! I’m probably going to have to post a little early due to all the strikes for the Royal Mail. But I am also waiting on the post for one of the things I have bought for her.

Speaking of post, I haven’t received my tickets for the Stitch & Craft yet. I know that the leaflet will not arrive until nearer the time, but no tickets yet either. I hope that they turn up soon! I like being in advance.

Oh, my haircut. It was due to be yesterday but my poor stylist was sick, so it’s now tomorrow. So I may post pics if it’s good. I will not bother if it’s only adequate.

I was knitting in the lunch room at work when a lady exclaimed “Oh, it’s lovely to see someone knitting, you don’t see that much these days.” She then asked what I was knitting and asked if she could take a closer look. I was surprised, but also pleased. She didn’t comment on my knitting style, but did say it was nice, and also a pretty colour. Yay! I’m glad it was complicated-looking enough, with my cable needle too! I prefer that to the looks which are the same sort of looks you’d get if you were dressed as a Klingon at work, I think. Most people have been pretty good so far though, so I may continue lunch-room knitting as an aide to get the Christmas projects finished. I managed to knit two repeats, roughly. I was also almost late back from lunch, got carried away!

Lastly, I have decided that I might try knitting the sideways socks with the Opal yarn. I didn’t win the ebay sock yarn I was watching so I’ll have to buy some more, or talk nicely to the family about what I might like for Christmas and my birthday.


Gayle said...

Ok, firstly, if I didnt like the people I worked with I would have killed my self by now, I HATE my job, like the people tho! hee hee so your not alone. Not heard from Halton the bloody woman has gone on Holiday!!!

We are almost ready to move.

Too much knitting news in this post, I was bored by the end....

Much Love

Anonymous said...

When & where is the Stitch n Craft? Everyone seems to be going to Ally Pally this weekend. I'm feeling a bit left out. I was discussing knitting today with my colleagues at work! SP