Saturday, October 20, 2007

Secret Pal Parcel 2!

I had a card in the post yesterday telling me that they had post that they couldn’t fit through my door, so off I trotted to the post office this morning on the way to town. It wasn’t the missing part of my parcel for my pal, but my second parcel from my secret pal!
So, we did the shopping as planned, and then went for lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen – yum!
While in there, I took a picture of all the goodies, before opening them (I couldn’t wait until I got home!)
 Parcel Contents 1
So, there are fantastic things, I am so spoiled!
There are two kinds of yarn, needles, card-making stuff, one-skein patterns AND a lollypop! Excellent!
 Opened Contents
Where to begin? The yarns are two materials that I’ve been working with a lot, and are in one of my favourite colours – red; they are Merino (from James C Brett, W.Yorks) and Cotton (Wendy Supreme) I’m dead chuffed – thank you pal!
 James C Brett Merino DK  Wendy Supreme Cotton DK
Well, there are some lovely needles, which are habico twist needles. They’re clear plastic (much nicer than the grey stuff) with a twist of pink through the middle. They’re also 5mm, which is spot on, I use that size most I reckon! Especially as it’s good for both DK and aran.
 Natty Needles 1  Natty Needles 2
There’s a pattern leaflet from “Stitch Diva” for one skein patterns. Very exciting! Hopefully I can make something from that with one of my red skeins. Woo!  Stitch Diva
There are goodies for making cards, including some cards, envelopes and stuff-to-stick-on. I will have a better dig through the contents very soon, but it looks like there’s lots of bits I can use for my card-making. [I’ve made three cards now, all of which have been sent. I’ve gone a bit less mad on the glitter on the recent one.]
 More Card Goodies  Card Goodies
There’s some hand-made soap from Thailand in lemongrass scent. Ooh, yum! I love that scent, and it’s so fantastic. The little bag that the soap is in will make an excellent stitch marker (or other bits) bag when the soap is gone. It’s small enough to fit into my lush tins too, so it may become my travel soap for the Christmas holiday.
 Soap in bag  Soap
I’ve saved this one until last; it’s a hand-knit stitch marker bag. In red. It’s brilliant; I’m impressed that my pal has spent some time to make me something so useful. Thank you so very much! Anyway, in the bag there are some stitch markers, I don’t know if they’re also made by my pal, but they’re just wonderful too. Also, I shouldn’t lose them because they’re on a clip.
 Stitch Marker Bag  Stitch Markers
Thank You Secret Pal – You’re an absolute star!
Thank you for picking things which are so me! Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

So pleased you like your parcel. Hope you have fun making cards. I did make the stitch markers. SP