Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Secret Shenanigans

Yes, it’s getting close to the time when I need to parcel up some more goodies for my downstream SP. I have found some fab [can’t tell you] and have ideas for some other bits.
Our group had a lovely message from our hostess (or group mum?) reminding us to keep in touch, but not to worry if our pals aren’t very talkative. I am pretty talkative (as those who know me in real life will testify) but I’ve tried not to bombard my downstream pal with too many emails.
I should probably mention here: Thanks Jenn for being our hostess! because without the hostesses, SP wouldn’t happen.

Anyway, in preparation for wrapping stuff and sending it to my SP, I have been packaging up the yarn I put on ebay. I have four parcels which I hope to take to the post office this lunchtime. I sold the yarn for a song, but as long as I’ve covered the postage fees I don’t mind – otherwise it would have gone to charity (or for free to a friend).
So, it felt a bit like Christmas last night!

Speaking of Christmas (ahem) there’s a new ticker ---> over there, which counts down to Hallowe’en and to Christmas. I’m sorry. However, it does show that there are only 70 shopping days left until Christmas! 82 shopping days (including Sundays) left until Christmas. That’s also only 82 days on which one can knit/crochet if one is making gifts.

Well, I'm enjoying all the thinking about gifts part, but I’m not enjoying the thinking about paying for it all part. Hmm. I have a bunch of other things I need to pay for first too. What a pain that is. Still, as Vic and Bob said, there’s no pleasure without pain. (Do you remember that ad for yoghurt was it?)

Oh – and I finished “A Tad Plaid” last night, but can’t post pictures of it until after Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Nice yarn stash! I love visiting Sheepish too!

Tsuki said...

is that you, Secret Pal?