Friday, October 19, 2007

Me again…

Yes, it’s been nearly a week! Gosh.

What have I been up to that I haven’t blogged? Well, let me tell you.

I have been knitting. I have finished the [gift hidden] for [recipient hidden] and have started on the next gift. I have also received strict instructions from My sister not to knit her mittens or she will kill me. I wouldn’t want to spend hours making something she doesn’t like, but gloves are so much more complicated. Oh well. (And don’t worry, she does know about this, I decided to reduce my risk and ask her about mittens/gloves. She’s getting stuff she doesn’t know about too)

I have also been waiting for the postman to bring me my post. I have received one out of three things that I am expecting. I’ll talk about that in a moment. I am still waiting for my copy of Simply Knitting which has been in the shops for a week! Cruel! Though I don’t intend to take up another year’s subscription when this one lapses because it’s less and less what I want. I’ll probably keep my eye on it, and maybe buy it if the patterns look nice. I am also waiting for a part of my secret pal’s parcel, which is frustrating since I wanted to post that this weekend. Unless it arrives today or tomorrow, that idea is out of the window.
As for what did arrive? Well, it was my yarn from Cucumberpatch who not only sent me the 10 balls of coffee coloured yarn that I ordered, they also sent me a Jaeger shade card for the DK, Aran and Chunky yarn that they sell. Woo! I like them. And, there was an added bonus in that the new yarn is the same dye-lot as the old yarn of the same shade. Excellent!

Also, a friend of ours was up in town recently, so we went for a night out with her and I drank too much gin.

Another friend of ours was celebrating leaving town, so we went for a drink with her too. (I did manage to knit 4 rows of the item I’m presently knitting, but didn’t bother going on to the computer.)

So, I have also been busy at work (sucks doesn’t it) but I’ve been trying to maintain a positive attitude (and I have a new look for work, which I dig) so it’s actually not been that bad. It’s amazing what a new pair of trousers can do for your confidence. Especially if you’re buying them coz the old ones are way too big!

Alas, we’re apparently out tonight too (whoops) which is again limiting my creative time.

Well, that’s all for now I think.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the delivery man brings you another parcel this afternoon!!!:D