Friday, October 26, 2007

magazines to cobble dogs with*

Hooray! My long-awaited expected post arrived last night! Woo!

The item I was waiting for to post to my SP arrived just in time; I was going to post it today regardless! Hooray! So, the parcel is completed and will be in the post after work today.

I also received my copy of simply knitting. Unfortunately yesterday I had reached my threshold and had bought those other magazines. Now simply knitting has it’s place, and as a real beginner I loved it, but now that I’ve seen some of the other publications (American, granted) I know there is more! Anyway, I’ve subscribed until next May on SK, so it might improve. In the meantime I’m looking forwards to seeing copies of the new UK magazine, Yarn Forward. I’ve read good things about it on Ravelry (especially compared to Lets Knit!) and I hope to pick up a copy in Harrogate.

Today they’re moving the furniture around at work, which means we all have to leave at 4pm instead of 5pm. What a shame. And it’s payday. This is a dangerous combination! Anyway, I still haven’t decided about the shoes to go with the blue dress for the wedding, so I’m not buying them yet. They will get at least one more outing, as I plan to do silver for one of the Christmas parties. I’ve planned the other outfit already; it’s a modification of last-year’s outfit. Last year I wasn’t very well and so I wanted to get full enjoyment out of the dress. It’s a 50s style dress with a square neck and halter ties. Last year I wore it with a red belt and red shoes. I don’t think that there are any pictures! This year I plan to buy a gold belt and wear the same dress, gold belt and my gold sandals. I need to see if I own a gold bag – I’m sure I do.

The silver outfit might not be silver, I don’t know yet. I might have a dig through my material bag before I do anything else and see if I have any material suitable for the occasion. I have been considering transforming the long gold dress I made a few years ago, but that’s gold again. Hmm. I’ve seen lots of sequinned dresses, risky but could look fab. Ooh, I have an idea for a split skirt with silver sequins underneath (inspired by a wedding dress would you believe) – I’ll have to have a look in Boyes at material, and also do some sketches. Hmm. I’ll let you know how that goes anyway.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading both of the knitting magazines I bought yesterday (and SK, in fairness!) and I want to make items out of all of them! Woo! I haven’t had chance to add them to Ravelry yet, sadly the Vogue Knitting site is down right now, so I can’t show you the patterns I like. But, if you go here you can see the High Neck Pullover I quite like (#11) – there’s loads more though! Also, if you go here you can see the Britney Top from Knit in Style, which I like. It has a matching bag, but I’m not sure about that. I’ve never matched my bag to my top before.

I thought it was about the “magic triangle” of shoes-bag-coat (or shoes-bag-hat) that should be coordinated. Even then, I wouldn’t necessarily want my shoes and bag to match my coat, but I do try (for balls especially) to have matching shoes and bag. Sorta.

Anyway what are my thoughts on Vogue Knitting, now that I’ve read the features and looked at the patterns? Well, I liked it. The articles were interesting and written with a touch of cheekiness to them. The patterns are about half-and-half, some are just too high fashion, I don’t want to knit something I wouldn’t wear. However, the others are all pretty, and some I might even be skilled enough to knit!

My thoughts on Knit n Style? There are plenty of patterns I like in there too. I don’t know whether all of the patterns in there are “new” though, I’m sure I’ve seen some of them elsewhere (the Britney top and the Peppermint Twist socks, for example). I guess that’s the risk of buying so many magazines!

* no magazines were thrown anywhere near any dogs in the making of this post. I wouldn't throw a magazine at a dog either, what's the dog ever done to you? Huh? So it's just an expression meaning lots of magazines, before anyone thinks I'm a crazy dog-pelting sadist.

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