Monday, October 08, 2007

Stop whining

Yes, I should. However rubbish work is, it still pays the bills. And actually it’s pretty cushy. I have a shorter week than most and time to go online during the day. okay, it’s not perfect, but nothing is.
My SP commented on that post and it’s nice to know that other people are doing jobs not because they love them but because they like who they work with. Yeah, working for the money means living for the weekends a little, but it could be so much worse.

At least I have time to knit!

At the risk of sounding like there’s always something wrong for me, I do have a bad back at the moment. It was worse yesterday (my fault, pushed it too hard at the gym) than today. However, I’m reporting this because of a good thing which is that my gym instructor has given me a voucher to get a chiropractor to look at my back for near enough half price. Fantastic! So, I’m going to book myself in (I don’t know whether it’s something that should be during the day or after work, it’s a good walk away from work.) and see if they can make me feel better. Yey! I feel quite upbeat about it, despite the sore back!

The knitting is going pretty well. I’m around half way through my second secret-Christmas-gift. As this one is knit, rather than crochet, it’s not as fast as the first one was. It’s so relaxing though. Even when I accidentally didn’t do the cable and had to un-knit a whole row, it was okay! So, once this one is finished I am meant to be casting on for another matching one (his-n-hers?) though I might sneak one of the less urgent crochet ones in just for fun. Those of you on Ravelry will be able to see in my queue what I’m currently making (it’s the one in Jaeger) and what I have planned. I need to add another “stripes” to my queue, possibly two. I haven’t decided about the second one yet.

in other knitting news, I want to make some more socks. I’ve added the Jaywalkers to my queue, although I have promised Leon a pair once I finish the gypsy socks. I’m getting there, just not spending enough time on them I guess – I’m on the foot, I think I’m still gusset shaping.
I might have enough yarn left in the Opal that I have for the jaywalkers, but I suspect not, so I’m angling for some more. There’s some good value 100% wool sock yarn on ebay that has caught my eye, I’ll let you know if I get it. it’s probably not as good as the Opal stuff, but you never know. It’s cheap, which may mean nasty, but may not. Previous yarn I’ve bought from this seller made The evening star shrug which was lovely! So fingers crossed.
I’ll still have to buy a plain or garden colour for Leon (quite literally, plain browns are most like, I don’t really want to do black.) and I’m considering the Earl Grey pattern by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Yarn Harlot) but I’m not sure if I can deal with even more needles when knitting in the round, five is plenty enough already. We will see.
I am keen to make some taller socks for myself to go under my boots that I wear for work. The boots are great, but I don’t like having them touch my legs – and the zip-tops can rub a bit too. I do have two pairs of knee-highs (not knit) but I’d love to have some nice tall hand-knit socks to wear with them. I’ll have to think about reinforcing the toes and heels if I'm using pure wool, and the joy that it handwashing (I don’t do that at the moment, even for my hand-knit socks. I haven’t washed the evening star yet… perhaps that would be an interesting experiment?)

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