Monday, February 25, 2008

Confessions of a Yarn Addict

I’ve managed not to cast on anything new, only five more days of February to go! I have so much stuff I want to knit in my Ravelry queue! I’ve been adding some sock patterns, because I have rather a lot of sock yarn.

So, how much is rather a lot of sock yarn? Some of you will be dying to know (others will not care, I know this, I’ll talk about something else in a bit)
  • one-and-a-half balls of Opal Feelings 1702 (~150g)
  • one ball of Opal Feelings 1701 (~100g)
  • one ball of Opal Lemon Sherbert (or something, it’s yellow) (~100g)
  • one ball of Opal Rainforest Toucan (~100g)
  • two balls of Wool Ease in Burgundy (~200g)
  • two balls of Cygnet woolrich 4ply (I’m using this for OH’s socks) (~100g)
  • one ball each of variegated green, brown and brown German sock yarn from the stitch&craft show. (~300g)
  • two balls of Regia by Kaffe Fasset (thanks again Kietiekat) (~100g)
  • two small skeins of beautiful merino from Natural Dye Studio (~100g)
  • one big skein of beautiful alpaca merino from Natural Dye Studio (~100g)
  • one big skein of Araucania (sp?) (~100g)
I have a sneaky feeling I may have missed some, but I’m reasonably sure that that’s it!
1450g of sock yarn.
That’s 18 balls (so OH was right that there were more than 12, I was clearly in denial about my problem)
Maybe I'll take a photo of it all.

for the non-knitters We bought a wine rack at the weekend. Now we have to buy wine to go in it. Haha. Really though, it’s nice and was very cheap.
We also finally bought a frame to put our masks from the masked ball in May 2006! We made the masks especially, mine has red-glitter roses drawn on (using a pin and some glue, and lots of patience!) and OH bought a silver-and-black mask, base-coated it white (two coats or so) then drew and painted the firebird. They’re both mini works of art, so we’re going to mount them in a box frame and stick it on the wall somewhere. I’ll have to reattach the feather I think.
Then we’ll add those to the pile of pictures we’re meant to be putting up! We also have to hang the canvasses I painted for the bathroom, but first I have to turn the middle one into a clock. Which means two things: deciding which colour wire to use (I have copper, gold and silver coloured wire) and figuring out how to mount the clock hands! We’ve got one of those little battery powered thingies, but we need something a bit sturdier than canvass to mount it on, so I can see a little improvisation being needed there.
And I still haven’t done the hem on the second pair of curtains.
Finishing knitting projects is just so much more relaxing! (I’m on the heel of the first of the Earl Grey socks!)

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