Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Knit Blog Stats

I’m still working on the sweater for Leon. I don’t know if I’ll take it to tonight’s knit-night or not though. Yes, I’m off to a knit-night which happens around here once a month. If I enjoy it I will try to keep going all things being equal.
If I don’t take the sweater, it’s socks, fluffy bunnies or sudoku blanket squares. Any of those should be fine. We’re having some trout for dinner. It’s already prepared and such, so all we have to do is cook it. we’ll have some random veg with it too I guess.
I posted my sister’s mittens today. They should be there soon. I hope she likes them. I completed the second one in an afternoon (after the re-doing of that first cable) which I thought was pretty good going.
I haven’t done that last round on the dream catcher square yet. It’s sitting on the cabinet next to my bed, but I keep reading “Making Money” (Pratchett) instead! It’s pretty good. I’m still not sure whether I like the Moist character or not. The Golems are fab though. And the wizards are pretty entertaining in this one.

I installed Google Analytics on my blog (yes, here) about a month ago. Want to see some statistics? Well, tough, I’m putting them here anyway.

I have visitors to the site from all over the world. Here’s the breakdown:
CountryPercentage of visits
United Kingdom65.28%
United States23.77%
Europe Including:
Netherlands (1.51%)
Sweden, Spain, France, Croatia, (0.75% each)
Switzerland, Lithuania, Finland, Turkey, Czech Republic (0.38% each)
Rest of World:
Philippines, South Korea, Japan, (0.75%)
Australia (0.38%)

How cool is that? Of all of those users, there are three browsers and three operating systems in use. Notably, the statistics suggest that not all Windows users use Internet Explorer. There’s nobody viewing my blog with Netscape Navigator (am I surprised?).
Internet Explorer counts for 56% of my viewers – there are 39% of you using Firefox and the rest on Safari. (Firefox/Safari users – do things look screwy in your browsers?)
A massive 90.94% of viewers are running on Windows of some description (it doesn’t break it down further than that), 8.68% of you use Apple Macs (hello!) and the rest (less than 1%) use Linux (again, it doesn’t tell me what sort)
One of the viewers is using dial-up to connect to the internet.

The top ten search phrases to get here are:
  1. grown shop (5 times)
  2. someone's calling you (3 times)
  3. tsuki (3 times)
  4. 3x3 rib hat knit pattern (2 times)
  5. pseudocode vending machine (2 times)
  6. tsuki yarn (2 times)
  7. "cobble dogs with" (1 time)
  8. "sirdar ocean" blog (1 time)
  9. "someone's calling you" ringtone (1 time)
  10. $ do || not found yoda (1 time)

Okay, I’ll stop boring you with stats now. I might celebrate when I get to 500 visits though! Woo!


kasiaiscarly said...

i LOVE google analytics!

also, i use firefox and ie and your blog looks the same in both :)

Gayle said...

The top ten search phrases to get here are:

grown shop (5 times) what?
someone's calling you (3 times)I have that ring tone!!!!
tsuki (3 times) eah?
3x3 rib hat knit pattern (2 times)sad?
pseudocode vending machine (2 times) this sounds intresting!
tsuki yarn (2 times) ok
"cobble dogs with" (1 time) nice some one else cobbles dogs!
"sirdar ocean" blog (1 time) dunno
"someone's calling you" ringtone (1 time) again I have it, so does dad!
$ do || not found yoda (1 time)