Monday, February 18, 2008

Knitting at lunch

Today I had a lunch-break. That might not sound so amazing, but too often I just stay at my desk and basically work while I eat. Oh, I’ll usually have a quick look on Ravelry and check my email, but I am still at my desk. Today I picked up the socks I’m knitting for OH when I set off this morning. I managed to knit about five rounds or so (that’s not very fast, I know, but still) and I felt relaxed! I figure that an extra hour a day knitting should make those socks happen some time this year at least!

I’m feeling a bit grumpy about not being allowed allowing myself to cast on anything new until March. I didn’t think it would be that hard! I have three lovely projects I could be working on (socks, sweater, afgan) but I desire to cast on for other things! Not least something crochet.
I love my new crochet slippers. So does OH, so much so that he’s asked for a pair of his own! I have already ordered the yarn! More Cascade 220, this time in greeny-grey (black forest, 9405). I had plenty left of the pink from my slippers, so it shouldn’t need an extra skein for bigger versions. Also, OH doesn’t want them fluffy, so he’s not having any mohair in his. The Cascade 220 is lovely and soft on its own, so I’m not worried on that front! As the mohair is fine, I’m making an assumption that it will make pretty much no difference to the gauge of the crochet. So, all I have to do is work out how much longer than my feet his feet are, then work out how many extra chains that equates to in the case of the inner sole, outer sole and upper, crochet all six pieces and then make them up! Piece o’ cake! (!!)

In fact, Cascade 220 is currently one of my favourite yarns. I have no idea how it washes though. (I have visions of having loads of hand-wash only garments, which would be terrifying!) I’ll investigate (and perhaps knit a small swatch and wash it…) because I’m thinking of making a pattern called “Button Your Raglan” from my SnB 2008 Calendar. I don’t like the stripes but I do like the differently coloured waistband, cuffs, collar and button band. Currently I’m liking the colours that Cascade 220 comes in too. If I do use the Cascade 220 for the “Button Your Raglan”, I’m thinking of doing it in one of the following colour combinations:

MC = 8686 – Brown
CC = 9463 – Pumpkin
MC = 9478 – Cotton Candy
CC = 7802 – Cerise
MC = 9430 – Highland Green
CC = 8267 – Forest Green
Despite my usual leanings towards pink, I’m feeling the brown one more. In any case, I’ll probably ask OH what he thinks, or maybe see if I can get a sample card to see the colours in the flesh wool…
My other thought was that I could maybe make it in cotton, rather than wool, and have it as a spring time jumper rather than a middle of winter one, as I’m unlikely to finish knitting it until Christmas at any rate. Hrmpf.


sarah said...

i know cascade 220 is one of the yarns recommended for felting, so prob not ideal for shoving in on any old cycle on the washing machine, but a gentle wool cycle might be worth investigating! PINK ;)

Dianne said...

I know how you feel. I'm getting itchy to cast on something new, too. I don't know if I will make it to the end of the month. But hey, it's only a few more days. I'll try. Stay strong!

P.S. I like the greens!