Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't panic

I do have plans for a lot of the sock yarn I mentioned yesterday.
You weren’t worried though, were you?
Here it is, for the sock-lovers among you…
{yarn picture to come, promise!}
  • one-and-a-half balls of Opal Feelings 1702 (~150g)
    I plan to use this for some pretty standard stripy socks at the moment, unless something else takes my fancy.
    The half-ball is to be used for the sock pattern that my discworld pal sent me.
  • one ball of Opal Lemon Sherbert (or something, it’s yellow) (~100g)
    This is going to become Jaywalkers
  • two balls of Wool Ease in Burgundy (~200g)
    This is going to be the Valentine Socks from my Stitch n Bitch calendar 2008. There might be enough for something else too
  • two balls of Cygnet woolrich 4ply (~100g)
    Is in the process of becoming Earl Grey Socks
  • one ball each of variegated green, brown and brown German sock yarn from the stitch&craft show. (~300g)
    If I'm going to do "peppermint twist" by Deby Lake (from Knit'n'Style magazine) I'll probably use the green.
    Leon has hinted that he'd like a pair in the brown, but they'll have to be pretty plain I guess
    The other ball might become Reverse Psockology(errata here)
  • two small skeins of beautiful merino from Natural Dye Studio (~100g)
    My SP11 pal, Crafty Drama Queen suggested that I might like to do the Monkey pattern (which is so popular on Ravelry at the moment) with this yarn
So some of the yarn still needs a project
  • one big skein of beautiful alpaca merino from Natural Dye Studio (~100g)
  • one big skein of Araucania (sp?) (~100g)
  • one ball of Opal Feelings 1701 (~100g)
  • one ball of Opal Rainforest Toucan (~100g)
  • two balls of Regia by Kaffe Fasset (thanks again Kietiekat) (~100g)
I also plan to make Hedera but I don't know which of the yarns to use for that yet. I also don't know whether the three balls I got from the show are variegated or striped.
All of the yarn not yet assigned is variegated or striped. No solids here. The Toucan really would make nice vanilla socks, because the pattern would be interesting enough on its own. I've seen this knit sideways too, which looks quite nice.
However, if any of you sock knitters have any patterns you'd recommend (not too lacy mind you, and with not too many cables...)
I think I'd quite like to do BMP which has space invaders on it. How cool?
However, it's stranded knitting, which I tend to pull tooooooo tight. Maybe it's not for me? though I did see an adaptation (on Ravelry, of course) into hats, bags, gloves, you name it! (punk rock back-pack with space invaders?)

Last night was the last pilates at our current gym. We've been going for at least a year now, and we're much improved. However, the gym has put up the prices and axed our pilates class, so we're off! We've signed up for a new gym which is still being built at the moment. It's due to open in April (so a month and a bit off! Woo!) and we've terminated our membership at the current gym as of 29th Feb. The new gym is a little more expensive, but the pilates classes there are going to be included in the price, which makes a difference. There's a pool in the same building too, which our present place doesn't have. I'm looking forwards to it. It might take a while to get back in to going because I've really slacked off of late. I need to start going again though, my weight has been reasonably consistent, but I think I've put on a couple of pounds and don't want to let it get out of hand. Under the flab I'm sure I'm pretty reasonably toned from the pilates. All I need to do is burn off some of the flab. I'll be getting a personalised program too, and I'm just going to have to be brutal and tell them what I do and don't get on with.
Will it make a difference?
One thing is for sure, I don't want to put on weight again. I think everyone has a weight that they start feeling icky at, and mine is 11 stone. (so I'd better get excercising!) but I was 12 stone (and the rest) before we moved house (two years ago...) so I know I don't want to go there.
I think that it was the moment when I couldn't fit into a UK size 12 that threw me. I'm pretty much spot on a 12 at the moment. The only trouble I have is that on shirts and the like I tend to have gaping issues on the boobs.
This is a new issue for me. Until half-way through my first year of uni I was a size 8 on top and a 10 for trousers and jeans. I wore a 32A bra. (trust me, that's small. Think gnat bites)
I've always had a J-Lo style bum, even before I hit puberty! I was a classic pear shape. I loved being able to wear kids T-Shirts!
Since then, I put on weight (as I said above, quite a lot - in fact, probably aroud 4 stone in the end, so doubled my weight over about 5 years)
(amazingly there are no full-body shots available for this one!) The one on the left is at my heaviest, the one on the right is after three months of going jogging regularly.
I'm about a stone lighter now than the one on the left, hopefully it's obvious! So, I keep looking at the pictures to remind me of why I should keep in shape. Yeah, I know, I should be doing it for my health not my looks, but hey - if I'm unhappy I'll be less healthy so I should work on that premise too right?


Craftydramaqueen said...

I know how you feel about your weight. Mine has been up and down for years. Havinging two sprogs hasn't helped. But, I've joined Slimming World for the third time so fingers crossed.
If you like the way you look then it does make you feel better, it's not vanity.

Gayle said...

as you know, I more then know, however I feel that at 8 and 10 you looked like a twig, I think you make a nice size 12, Id love to be a 14, mum however sees a fat person no matter how thin she is when she views her self in the mirror, I did convince her she is thinner then when she was in cypress.