Saturday, February 02, 2008

Meeting of Knitters

Today was the planned meet-up of Yorkshire Knitters from Ravelry. Woo! Several of us met up in Starbucks in Borders and sat, crafted, drank and chattered. It was good fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
From there we went on to Sheepish to shop! I bought a Noro pattern book and one skein of Silk Garden Light (yum) for some gloves. My current gloves are getting a bit old. I like most of the patterns in the book and I like the yarn. But, of course, I’m not starting anything new until I’ve finished the other projects!

I have made progress on that front, I have completed the first Fetching of the pair (see pic in sidebar) and have done the first cable of the second. Then I realised (while in Borders) that I had cabled it backwards (C4B rather than C4F) and I thought I could cope with it, but it turned out that I was wrong. So I frogged and began again. I’m now back to the first cable of the second one, this time cabled the right way.
And OH bought a new casserole dish today, which is lovely and big. Plenty of room for more than two people worth of stew. Smashing!

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