Thursday, February 07, 2008

Knit night, Holidays and house plans

Last night I went to knit night with FunkyFlower who I knew (in an online way) through Ravelry, who I first met on Saturday at the Yorkshire Knitters gathering in Borders in York. I didn’t get much of a chance to chat, but she seems nice! The other ladies there were entertaining to listen to, general chit chat mostly. The two hours flew by, and I managed to complete the colour pattern on the Manly Sweater and so now I’m at the armholes. Well, I’ve not successfully done armholes before. It’s just casting off a bit on each end though, so it should be fine. It doesn’t specify whether to do a knit-one, knit-another-one, pass-the-first-one-over kind of cast off or a knit-two-together slip-stitch-back-to-left-needle kind of cast off. I don’t know what difference it would make to how it looks, so I’ll probably go for the first one. Unless I find a good reason not to.
We also did a spot of card making (I failed to photograph them, sorry) for MIL and my sister’s OH.

My Sister is trying to lose weight at the moment, if you have chance surf on in and tell her good luck. She’s doing well! We all know how difficult it can be to lose weight, especially when other things happen like new jobs and moving house!

And I’m counting down now – we’re off to Bruges!
We booked it a while ago, a trip on a P&O ferry to Bruges (via Zebrugge) for OH’s birthday. (Well…)
We originally hoped to go on the Eurostar, but after the trains to London and the waiting and spending a whole day travelling, it really didn’t seem worth it. On the ferry we board in the evening, have dinner and then sleep on the boat – less time wasted! Then we arrive in Bruges early enough for breakfast, and check in to the hotel. (We’ve already checked and they’re more than happy to let us leave our bags if the room isn’t ready.) AND as part of the deal we get a four course romantic dinner, champagne and chocolates, fresh fruit and flowers in the room, a horse and cart ride… how fantastic does it sound? I’m so excited! We set off on Sunday, so we’ll have time to pack on Saturday.

In other plans, OH and I have been talking about our plans regarding the house. We basically have two choices, cut our losses and move somewhere else or sort out the things that bug us in the house (and get it ready to sell at an unspecified time in the future) like the kitchen and the yard. Well, we’re going to stick around and keep the current house for now, but do the things we need to for it to be nice.
I do have a “vision” of what I’d like the yard to be like. I’m less sure about the kitchen at this point. I’m not suffering from itchy feet any more about living in the same place for too long at least!


Gayle said...

your trip sounds excellent, The four course meal is what I like best and a hourse and cart ride now thats what im talkin bout!

Liz said...

Oooh, hope you had a lovely time, sounds fantastic!

Thank you for the comment you left to enter the competition! I love choc and nut too, but can't get my head around peanut butter....yeuch!