Saturday, February 23, 2008

Discworld Swap!

I joined The Discworld "I'm just sending this box so my partner can have cardboard for their boots and I was guilted into putting stuff in it" Swap and today, special delivery no less, my parcel arrived... Discworld Package 1 And it contained all sorts of goodies! Discworld Package 4 Discworld Package 5 There's a cute swirly bag which is the perfect size for a sock project (or something else small)
There's a really funky tomato pin cushion
There are seven badges with flowers (mostly roses) on, which is quite nice since this year is the year of the three roses (I think) in Discworld.
There are some lovely easter choccies
There's a tag for my luggage. Do you think the luggage will let me attach it?
Addi needles and Kaffe Fasset sock yarn. OMG. I'm so excited about this that I almost broke my "Not starting anything new" pledge! The needles will be perfect for my more fluffy sock yarns which catch on my surina needles. There's also a sock pattern too, for anklets. I'm probably going to try that with the leftovers of my opal yarn.
A lovely card with one of those old knitting pattern pictures on, very funny!
Some body butter from the body shop (one of my favourites!) and some cherry cola lipbalm (yum)
But, the pi├Ęce de resistance: A Discworld mug with the witches (my favourite) on and the quote of "when shall we three meet again" on, which is from Wyrd Sisters, which is the book I'm re-reading now! I'm so pleased! Also, this can be added to my collection of mugs. I'm going to have to rearrange the whole shelf!

Thank you, blogless Kietiekat (Ravelry link) I'm really pleased with my parcel, I hope you like yours as much!

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