Monday, April 14, 2008

Knitting is not aerobic exercise, no matter how fast you knit.

On Saturday morning we went to Remnant House to buy the material for the PTH costumes. It cost more than I was planning on spending, but the material is lovely! It’s great colours. I’ve been struggling with the pattern, but I think I’ve been trying to make it too complicated. As soon as I simplified what I was doing it began to make sense (woo!) and I should have all the pattern pieces for the boy costume soon. I’m making costumes for some of the other team members too, so we should mostly match, which is nice.

I’m still progressing (albeit slowly) on the sweater for OH, though I haven’t done much on it since Thursday, I think. Between buying material, making dresses, making costumes, going out for people’s birthdays (Happy birthday Lint!) and visiting my parents in their caravan (they’re on holiday, they don’t live in a caravan. Not that there’s anything wrong with living in a caravan. But you know.) I haven’t had an awful lot of time to knit.

Of course, that’s not to say I’ve had no time, and really I’m making excuses because I’ve started two more new projects. I finally started the cross your heart square from the monthly crochet-a-long that I joined. It’s the February square, so I also have the March and April squares to do! I’ve done mine in white-with-pink-spots and blue-variegated yarn. It looks okay so far, I have two rounds to do.
I also cast on for the scarf I was talking about in my last post, branching out. I’m using an angora blend yarn in a really nice shade of pinks, peaches and pale oranges. Louisa Harding Angora (colourway 9) Pretty, isn’t it? It’s so soft too!

I’ve done two pattern repeats so far. It looks interesting so far, but I’ve heard that lace usually looks awful until it’s blocked. Fingers crossed, it will look better when it’s blocked! It’s quite nice to knit. I suspect I’ll not learn the pattern, as it’s a 10 row repeat, though only 5 of them are pattern, the others are just purl except the border.

I bring the sock with me at lunchtime still, so that goes on by about 5 or more rows each day. I love the pouch that my Discworld pal got me for sock-project transit. It rocks!

Our gym opened today. We’re planning on going for a late-night gym session, from about 8pm. (They’re open til 10pm) I have my new program from my book, which is pretty good I think. I get to warm up, then do some weights, then I’m done. I might go swimming too, I haven’t decided.

I hope I get on with the new program. I’ve got a bunch of measurements to take before we begin so that I can track my progress, though I’ve taken most of them in the dress/costume creation process!

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Craftydramaqueen said...

"The Dress" is gorgeous. Well done.