Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Making, making and more making

I enjoyed the April Fool on the BBC yesterday with the flying penguins. I saw the article at about 8:15, and it took me until about 8:35 when I was drying my hair to realise that it was April 1st and therefore it was probably not for real. I admit to being slightly disappointed!

Knit night at Brigantes had more people there this week. We had six of us for some of the evening. It was pretty good, and I made some progress on the sweater. When I got home I finally sat down and cast on the second sock for the pair for OH. I used the long-tail cast on (it was called the thumb method in Simply Knitting, which were the instructions I followed in the end) and it seems to have worked so far. I had only about an inch of yarn left at the cast on tail though, which was a bit scary! I’ve only done two rows so far, so I can’t really comment on the stretchiness of this cast on versus the knitted cast on I used for the other sock. If it works out (and it should, Yarn Harlot recommends it in her book Knitting Rules) I may well use it for other knitting; notably the sleeves of the sweater. OH would prefer a stretchy edge there I’m sure!

I’ve been ogling some nice lace weight yarn to make muir with, but I’m still undecided.

I’m also planning on making a new dress for the wedding I’m going to in May. As well as making PTH costume(s), so I’d better start soon! The PTH costumes shouldn’t be too hard actually, I just have to get Leon to make a decision about what he’s going to be in case that’s anything complicated. It’s just over a month to the PTH, so I doubt it will be that warm, but this costume isn’t really one where you can wear a coat. Though perhaps underclothes might be prudent.

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