Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We went to the gym last night. I got my fitlinxx number (yes, once again I’m a number…) and I also did the first “workout A” of the first section of the program. This consisted of a warm up (10 minutes on the treadmill) a semi specific warm up (some odd-looking stretching) and the into the weights. I did the squat, with 10kg of bar-weight. I did some 45º push-ups, I rowed using 15kg, and did a move called “step up” with 6kg.
This was all well and good.
My legs ached a bit this morning, which I expected. I still think I could squat more. But after carrying my laptop to and from our out-of-town office (on the bus) my chest muscles are really hurting!

On the up side, it didn’t stop me from knitting on the bus on the way back.

Thank you to everyone who has left such nice comments about the dress. It’s nice to hear that other people think it is nice too. I hope it looks as good on me as on the dressmakers’ dummy! And I must find something warm to wear with it!

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