Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Well, here we are again. It seems that I shall begin by posting daily, although it will invariably fall, and will become monthly and eventually when I remember. Sad but true I fear... While memoing "Sauram" at work today, I responded to a comment he had made with the following quote, which I think is quite apt: -- I don't only like pink and fluffy music - it just goes better with the image. -- So, moving swiftly on... Today has been a much better day than was expected. Gave P at work a new game to play on. He seemed mildly amused. He was better at that than zookeeper (which I rock at in comparison). The estate agents called my boss, but as I gave them my number, I abused them about not being his secretary until he pointed out who they were. Doh! Silly me. However, as they are checking my references then I can only assume that they are on the way to organising me to move. I'm quite looking forward to it! Thanks again to D for the box-moving trip. What a star! Oh, and hopefully sometime this evening my new webpage will be up and running... maybe... So I'll go do that now. Have a good evening all!


Chip said...

I really need to know what this Zookeeper is.

Why must everyone who writes a blog have a "world"? Are you all megalomaniacs? Why can't you be happy with just a place, like me?!

Sarum said...

Mine isn't even a place.

TheBlack.Org just is.

It transends space and reason. It is inside that which has no shape, beyond that which has no bounds. It is imagination and the stuff of dreams. And it's more than a little insane.